2023 America's Last Battle

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Tensions have risen in the United States to an uncontrollable level. Increasing cases of police brutality coupled with an unjust legal system which constantly allowed minorities to be slaughtered with no penalty caused the creation of the Defense Alliance for Justice, a militant militia organization, who believed the only way to solve the unfair treatment of minorities would be to secede from the United States altogether. This is an intense journey of the Alliance’s attempt to fight against the United States government to gain possession of land they feel is rightfully theirs. 2023 is a revolutionary tale of everyday men and women daring to revolt against the government that has oppressed them and their families for centuries. Every Alliance soldier knows victory is not guaranteed as they fight against one of the most formidably powerful countries on Earth, but they also know their defeat is assured if they continue to do nothing; knowing their success would lead to the creation of their very own nation, while their failure would, in the very least change the course of history. Will they win the war or go down as martyrs in America’s second Civil War?