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 Ajamu Inc. was founded September, 2014 to advance Black positive messaging through apparel and other future items. Ajamu Designs legacy T shirts hit the streets of Atlanta in October, 2013. Since then we have shipped thousands of short sleeve, long sleeve T shirts and Hoodies all over the country. Today, Ajamu Inc., has expanded its brand by the addition of Black Dot Bookstore, located downtown Lithonia, Ga. Please join us by purchasing your Think Black... It's Okay apparel or touch your spirit with books that address our history, spirituality and our psychological behavior towards one another.  Peace and Blessings!

Each generation must out of relative obscurity discover its mission, fulfill it, or betray it.”
~Franz Fanon

First, the development of a Black Afrikan worldview is critical to the fostering of a great pride and awareness of the historical achievement and therefore the future of our distinct cultural intelligence in the minds of all members of our race, particularly our children. Secondly, the establishment of a Black Afrikan worldview is necessary to ordering the foundation and pillars of our healthy and thriving black communities. Thirdly, the development of a Black Afrikan worldview is necessary to establish and to maintain vital disciplines such as economics, communications, media, law and justice, politics, finance, education, belief systems, the arts, history and health systems, thereby creating a veil of protections and security arod the advancement of our communities and society. Lastly, the promotion of a Black Afrikan worldview identifies the resting potential of our people to empower themselves through cooperative and collaborative partnerships and business enterprises, while building infrastructure and unlimited possibilities for urban strength and vitality.


Meet the Founder

~Franz Fanon




Adigun Kazemde Ajamu is a community activist, the CEO and founder of Ajamu, Inc., author of Think Black: The Manifesto and owner of Black Dot Bookstore. A visionary by heart and a salesman by nature, Kazemde heads Black Dot Bookstore from a sales and marketing background in the mortgage banking and automotive industry. For Kazemde, the Think Black, It’s Okay concept is more than a mere business idea or an effort to make money—it’s s lifestyle. As a young man growing up on the streets Kazemde wanted to make a difference in life but didn’t know how because he thought making a difference required having a lot of money, and he certainly didn’t have much of that. After over 20 years of searching within himself working various jobs, Kazemde finally found his way to bring positive Black messaging in everything he does. Starting in 1989, Kazemde’s increasing knowledge of Afrikan history and interest in social and political events soon transformed into the foundation of his purpose. Years later, he charted new territory within the Afrikan consciousness community by partnering with producer Ronnie Burnett Sr. to begin his own internet radio program, "The Urban Politician Show" in 2013. Kazemde’s publication of "Think Black: The Manifesto" soon followed in 2014. Affectionately known as Baba Kaz, Kazemde now makes public appearances and talks with young people about the importance of education, respect for their elders and making a difference in within the black community.


A husband, father and grandfather, Kazemde resides in Lithonia, Georgia, where he travels around supporting black businesses (no matter how far), encouraging others to Think Black because after all, It’s Okay.




 Kazemde also travels around the country promoting the Think Black It’s Okay brand by inviting potential members to our website and selling t-shirts to anyone who will buy and support the Think Black Movement. 


We're committed to bringing positive Black messaging!



"It takes a deep commitment to change and an even deeper commitment to grow."
~Ralph Ellison


"The love that we exchange, let it last forever. 
Let love inspire, encourage, strengthen and nurture us." 
Queen Afua


"It is no longer feasible to take a middle course.
The time for reform, however progressive, is past."
~ Kwame Nkrumah