Feb 15th 2014

Lest Not Forget..... A Kings Dream


On the day that we celebrate the life and achievements of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., we must remain mindful and resolute of what he stood for and the ever ending struggle he and others embarked on. The struggle continues and all we have to do is look around and open our eyes.

"When the history books are written let them say that there lived a great people, a Black people, who injected new dignity into the veins of civilization."
--Martin Luther King, Jr.

This quote is so profound and unfinished. Unfinished in so many ways. First, our Ancestors have already injected dignity into the veins of civilization long before the destruction of a alien culture. Finally, it is up to us to bring forth what we have forgotten and charter a new day, a new vision, a new world. We can no longer afford to sit back a concern ourselves with what other Black people aren't doing. We can no longer look to law enforcement to correct the behavior of OUR children. We can no longer afford to look to government to solve our problems in our community and provide the education necessary to change the trajectory of our mere existence in this nation. Franz Fanon puts it this way,

"Each generation must out of relative obscurity discover its mission, fulfill it, or betray it."

So the question remains, what are we going to do about it? There has been plenty of movements springing up lately, get behind one. Volunteer your time to something that will not only make a difference in your life, but the lives of others. Black Lives Matter shouldn't be a battle cry to convince others, it should be a rallying point to call us as Black people to solidarity in the struggle.

Honor him and celebrate him, but lets get our mind in the right place.