Christianity: THE REAL DEAL! (Fact-based)

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Pope Nicolas V issued a Papal Bull in 1452 mandating the enslavement of Black Africans in the name of Christianity. On August 23, 1619, twenty Africans arrived in Jamestown, Virginia. It is noteworthy that these twenty Africans were neither Christians, nor were they slaves prior to boarding that slave ship. There is no evidence of how many Africans actually boarded that ship with them and didn't survive the trip. The facts are clear however, upon arrival in Jamestown, Virginia these twenty Africans were forced to become Christians and they were enslaved. Today, 401 years later, their descendants are still Christians and still enslaved.

-The Author


For years I have heard us (Afrikans/Blacks to include myself) ask "What's wrong with Black People". Ask no more for the answer has been revealed in Baba Jerry Smith's book "Christianity: The Real Deal! Read it and free your mind, soul, and spirit.


-Afia Nlongo



Brother Jerry Smith has done a masterful job presenting the real deal of christianity. After reading this enlightening and entertaining account of the truth discovered when one looks at christianity without the shackled blindness of an enslaved mind; the following words of the honorable Afrikan Ancestor, educator, historian and author Nana John Henrik Clarke could easily be applied to the powerfully valid words and concepts of this book. "Nearly all religion was brought to people and imposed on people by conquerors and used as the framework to control their minds." "I think the world would be better off if it had been given common sense instead of religion"


-Kwaku Ndombe Nlongo

Moderator of the "John Henrik Clarke Historical Society" (Afrikan history and culture study group)


"The 'real deal' about Christianity is that it has been one of the main tools of oppression, especially for the Black people. In order for us to move forward, it is important to have a better understanding of the history, as well as the psychological effect on our communities in the present, and how our futures can be impacted. If you are looking for a critical analysis of this institution as well as looking to confirm any doubts about the Christian faith, then Jerry Smith's book is a good place to start."