Cultural Misorientation: The Greatest Threat to the Survival of the Black Race in the 21st Century

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CULTURAL MISORIENTATION: THE GREATEST THREAT TO THE SURVIVAL OF THE BLACK RACE IN THE 21ST CENTURY. This book presents one of the most definitive mental health paradigms for African survival in the 21st Century to date based on the authentic African Survival Thrust. It articulates and expands upon the key Black mental health construct of Cultural Misorientation and demonstrates the manner in which this heretofore unrecognized/unacknowledged, yet widespread, the condition threatens the very survival of Black people in America, the so-called Western hemisphere, and in many cases globally. Kambon brings his 30 years of intense study of this phenomenon to bear on calling our attention to and sounding the global alarm for Africans to confront this lethal psychological virus that penetrated the African psyche via the Maafa/the brutally oppressive experiences of European/Eurasian enslavement and colonialism.