Embracing Toby: Recognizing Self-Inflicted Wounds & Retraining Your Brain

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Dr. Abdalla Rashad Tau is the Founder of The Exposure Foundation, Inc., the platform he utilizes to introduce individuals to ideas and experiences outside of their immediate belief system and physical environment. His sophomore book, Embracing Toby, is a work that is definitely “outside of the box” and a great follow-up to his first book, Delinquent to Doctor. Embracing Toby was developed to be thought provoking and ignite conversations throughout the African Diaspora of how we can extinguish cancerous mindsets, behaviors, and rituals that were planted in our minds, bodies, and spirits during a time of overt European Colonialism, Trickery, and the rewriting of history. Embracing Toby will highlight various characteristics of the African community that are counterproductive to its existence. The purpose of Embracing Toby is not to point fingers or place blame on present or past villains. Nor is the purpose to influence individuals to hate or have malice in their heart toward their fellow man. I want us to self-assess and gauge what works and what does not work in our lives. Hopefully, self-reflection and being open to change may create more optimal levels of mental, physical, and spiritual health.