Kobe Bryant - The Black Mamba: History, Anecdotes, Famous Phrases and Analysis of the Black Mamba Mentality

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Every Lakers fanevery basketball fan, and every sports fan should have this book in their library this book. Here's what you'll find inside... keep reading...

We wanted to retrace step by step the life of Kobe, from his childhood in Italy to his last moments in life, from the NBA draft to the five rings passing from Kobe as a father to the victory of the Oscar.

Here are the main themes:

  • Who is Kobe Bryant?    
  • Childhood
  • High School
  • Draft
  • The five titles
  • Legacy Basketball    
  • Bryant Retirement    
  • Personal life
  • Music, film and other business    
  • Philanthropy    
  • Bryant's Death    
  • The Black mamba mentality analysis and more    
  • Mamba mentality utilization in Your Own Life    

We hope with all our hearts to bring some of our passion for the Lakers, basketball, and our hero into your homes.