Race for the Net: When African Americans Controlled the Internet and What Happens Now?

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Did you know that at one time, African Americans controlled one of the greatest technologies of the 20th and 21st centuries, which has ultimately contributed more than $7 trillion so far to today's global economy? This amazing technology is the Internet. Very few people know that an African American business created the access platform to enable the world to utilize it today Its story can be found in the book Race for the Net-When African Americans Controlled the Internet and What Happens Now?
Today, more than half of the world's population, 4.2 billion, are Internet users, and the number is growing. You can now read the fantastic story of how this African American company, Network Solutions Inc., accomplished this historical feat from 1993-1995. Also, why they relinquished their rights to this technology, later limiting the African American community from benefiting economically. You will discover the facts about this incredible story of a company that eventually sold for $21 billion in 2000. The book also provides a "road map" for the reader on doing business on the Internet today and in the future. The author offers advice and suggestions from his thirty years of business experience on how to navigate through today's and tomorrow's changing economic times. This is a technology that has been a lifeline for the 2020 Pandemic.