The Intentional Student

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Postsecondary education can be an economic equalizer. However, for many college students, their ability to climb the socioeconomic ladder is stifled by the inability to successfully complete a postsecondary education. Successfully navigating the college experience requires strategic planning and intentionality. The Intentional Student is structured in three phases: The Prerequisites, The Process, and The Exodus, to mimic the college experience and empower readers with practicable strategies to not only survive but thrive academically, socially, and professionally as part of the college experience. Topics covered include:- Studying Intentionally - Maintaining SAP- Time Management- Be Real with Yourself- The Intentional Student - The Parking Lot Student - Credit/Mismanagement - Being Strategic about Your Major and Employment- Academic Professionalism - College or Technical School- Building Community on Campus- Building Community off Campus - Building Rapport with Instructors - Disbursement/Mishandling- How to Choose a College - Importance of Professional Organizations